Why us?

For any business, managing payroll is indeed a dreadful task as it consumes a lot of man hours and is not also income generating. Besides being hefty, it is also tiring as the rules and regulations keep changing and therefore, software needs to be updated and employees are also required to well-informed themselves with new tools. So, to get away this tedious chore, why not outsource your payroll processing to HarSun?
All you would need to do is provide us the payroll data and we will give you a viable, confidential, convenient, easy to use and accurate payroll processing service.

Technical Assistance

Our experts are just a call away to assist you 24/7

Cloud Based Application

You can access anywhere anytime through any device


Our services are affordable with best pricing plans for all kinds of business

Data Security

Your data will be 100% safe and maintained confidential

Stay Ahead

Take your business to the next level by trimming the time and resources spent on Payroll

Temp Staffing

A temporary staff can lead to cost savings and enhanced productivity for your organisation. We efficiently hire workers for short-term or seasonal jobs as per the client needs within the stipulated time which helps to reduce your workload and expenses.

Our Software Provides

Employee Information

Personal Data Maintenance - Family, Service History, Bank, Identity Proof, Statutory details, Directory

Attendance Management

Maintenance of Time Sheet, Regularization, Shift Change/ Management

Document center

Maintain your documents - Revision/ Transfer letters/ Policies/ Forms

Leave Management

Holiday Configuration, Balance & Transaction,Year End Processing

Travel Management

Upload travel request online

Loans/ Advances

Loan Requests online, Track of Loan History of Payable and paid amount,Automatic recovery of loans and stops once the loan is paid, Interest free Loan management


Flexibility to add user defined Salary Structures, Addition and deletion of Components, Paylip Structure, Flexibility for Formula changes and to generate Single & Multiple employee payroll, Misc deductions and many more

Employee Self Service

View Payslip, YTD Statement, IT Declaration/ Calculator, Loan statement

Statutory Information

Maintenance of Social Security Acts, Timely update on latest amendments/changes


Generates customised and downloadable reports in a desired format


Provides online training on usage of the software and new feature upgrades

Mobile App

Cloud application provides access to Profile, Tax decalartion, Attendance Management, Help desk query and more

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